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Application Outsourcing

Today, business applications are as critical to an organization as people or capital. Under-performing applications monopolize resources, starving other parts of business and technology infrastructure. Properly aligned with strategic business goals, smart applications can help transform a company. Is there a cost-effective way of managing applications to create real business value? Clients looking for speed, quality, flexibility and savings find it all when they make Mifi their single point of contact for business-critical software assets.


We help organizations gain more bandwidth to focus their attentions on strategic initiatives that improve the bottom line. While we develop, deploy, manage and enhance packaged or customized business applications, our clients can concentrate on core business and processes.

Why Mifi?

Our multidisciplinary teams of technologists bring the knowledge, skills and experience where and when our clients need them to deliver quality and efficiency at every stage of the application outsourcing process. We help our clients control and lower baseline costs while keeping up with market innovations.

We offer a proven, industrialized approach—complete with standardized methodologies and processes, proven tools, uniform performance measures, proactive monitoring and rapid transition—that helps clients transform application development and maintenance and establish high-performing IT organizations. A global delivery center network provides the flexibility of 24/7 access to extensive, industry-leading capabilities worldwide.

Through our alliances and breadth of services, we provide solutions and infrastructure for the implementation of complex supply chain management, human resources, customer relationship management and finance and administrative enterprise-wide solutions.

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