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Software Outsourcing Methodology

Human resources count for a great deal in outsourcing. This commonplace is doubly true for a company providing intellectual services. Our people comprise a well-knit team of qualified and goal-oriented professionals. Our staff qualification assures in-depth understanding of customer's demands and challenges and creative approach by their solution.

Our developers work closely with your project staff using today's most productive technologies, including a full range of UML-based design tools, as well as the more traditional tools in common usage.

Whether you are an independent consultant with strong domain focus or a software company, we are always interested in exploring avenues to work together - sharing risk and revenue. Send email to and we will get back to you in two business days with more information about offshore software outsourcing partnership.

Our offshore outsourcing model is different from other 'software factories' which have little coupling with clients because specifications are 'thrown over the wall'. Our model is based on global team where few team members or client IT staff works with client to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes. Offshore team is responsible for execution of project at low cost maintaining quality.

software outsource

In projects where IT Service provider is outsourcing project development to Mifi, IT Service provider works as a bridge between TatvaSoft and customer.

Software outsource
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