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J2EE Center Of Excellence


Evolution of J2EE platform through community process makes it increasingly complex and feature rich. J2EE CoE at Mifi constantly and pro-actively tracks the J2EE technology to provide effective IT solutions to our customers.

J2EE Centre of Excellence has been established at Mifi with the objective to: "Partner with Customer to realize business benefits through effective adoption of J2EE Technology"

J2EE CoE through internal research and collaboration with product vendors delivers methods, frameworks and tools to help leverage J2EE technology to create effective business solutions.

Preview the research at J2EE CoE, in the following areas:

Services from the J2EE CoE include support in Technology adoption, Architecture and Design, Platform engineering and Joint Applied Research.

Radien, the Mifi J2EE Application Framework helps implement agile enterprise applications through service-oriented architecture concepts and design. Radien consists of sub-frameworks, utility services and functional services, with a set of common infrastructure services that are built on top of the base J2EE Platform. Radien helps address Quality of Service requirements, incorporates industry best practices, leverages open source and reuses the Mifi knowledge base.

For more details please contact J2EECoE
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