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SAP is one of the largest practices in the Enterprise Services division of MIFI Systems, Inc. It provides a whole gamut of SAP solutions cutting across industry verticals including custom solutions as per client specific requirements. Some of the founding pillars that contribute to the strength of the SAP practice are:

  • Highly skilled and experienced MIFI consultants with more than 100 consultants, the SAP practice boasts of over a 1200 person years of SAP implementation experience 
  • Solution expertise MIFI has served its clients in all possible areas of SAP implementation including custom solutions tailored for specific business requirements. 

MIFI has implemented several projects on SAP with customers across America, Europe and Asia Pacific.With a reduced TCO being the new watchword and creating a comprehensive collaborative platform within an enterprise becoming more imperative than ever before, SAP NetWeaver has come to the rescue as the technical enabler. MIFI's SAP NetWeaver Practice has evolved from the EAI Center of Excellence and helps conceptualize and execute a collaborative platform using the various components of the NetWeaver framework.

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