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Database services

Database Administration Services

We provide Database Administration services including Installation & Configuration of Databases, Security, Network Administration, Performance Tuning, Backup & Recovery Stratagies. In addition to the Administrative Services, we do Analysis, Design and Development of databases.

Performance Tuning

We provide services on Performance Tuning of databases. We specialize on the following areas while tuning the databases

I/O Tuning

First, We will study the availability of hardware resources and the Database objects which the application(s) are accessing. Basing on the study, We will identify the frequently accessed and high volume transactional Tables and it's Indexes. These objects will be bifurcated and attached to different Tablespaces. The Containers/Data Files of the respective Tablespaces will be kept in different disks. With this the I/O will be distributed across number of disks and the performance will be improved when we compare all the tablespaces in a single disk.

Application Tuning

Application tuning is the most important part of tuning. We know the affect of a poorly written SQL statement. We will analyse the existing SQL Statements and verify the execution timings. We will give suggestions for modifications of SQL Statements.

Data Replication and Back up Services

Data Replication

We are familiar with replication services. Creating and managing duplicate versions of a database is called as data replication and it not only copies a database but also synchronizes a set of replicas so that changes made to one replica are reflected in all the others. For companies located in different locations and need to work with the same database which resides at a remote location to the work location can opt for data replication. The beauty of replication is that it enables many users to work with their own local copy of a database but have the database updated as if they were working on a single, centralized database. For database applications where users are geographically widely distributed, replication is often the most efficient method of database access. This replication can be achived in differnet mechanisms according to the requirement of the company and the RDBMS existing in the company.

Backup Services

As data is one of the most important asset and under any critical circumstances not even a single byte of data should not be lost, we as a part of IT Servies offer Backup Services for your organisation basing on your business requirements. We offer cold(off-line) and hot(on-line) backups according to the requirement of your company. We promise for 100% backup and recovery for your data(database) at any point of time. Even while taking a hot backup we do not disturb the availability of your database even to the end users.

Data Migration

We will provide services for Data Migration. In present days, companies are seeking for well-managed storage systems. Data classification is very important which describes conditions for data access, retention requirements etc. Keeping heavy volume of unused data in the database is expensive with respect to space and performance. Also, Data migration is necessary when an organization decides to use a new computing systems or database management system that is incompatible with the current system. Typically, data migration is performed by a set of customized programs or scripts that automatically transfer the data. For this we require data migration from One database to another or to a file system. We are expertise in migrating the data from database by useing the database utilities Export,Import,Load, SQL Loader,DTS etc..

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