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Identity Management

As today's enterprises continue to grow and deploy multiple complex systems, the processing and managing of information about users - who they are, how they are authenticated and what they can access - becomes costly and ineffective. Mifi Systems offers identity management solutions to help businesses and governments efficiently manage user identities across multiple systems and applications. Depending on your needs, we offer fully outsourced solutions, co-managed opportunities, or will help you build a comprehensive identity management solution in-house.

Our identity management solutions combine authentication management, single sign-on, access control, user administration and resource provisioning functionality. We provide organizations with the tools to automate user account provisioning and workflow, and to create a comprehensive and efficient approach to managing identities and access to resources across enterprise systems.

Mifisys can help:

  • Develop an identity management strategy.
  • Reduce help desk costs via self-serve account management.
  • Increase security by automating the management of authentication mechanisms.
  • Facilitate access management by providing a centralized, authoritative source of user identities.

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