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HealthCare Integration

We have deep experience developing healthcare and medical IT/software applications, for use in Health Insurance companies, Laboratories, Clinicals, Hospitals, Emergency Rooms and Pharmacies.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System

This is a full fledged web based EMR application which provides comprehensive solution to a physician's needs. The HIPAA compliant application integrates with a complete PMS system, DMS system, LIMS System, Data Integration System, Online Pharmacy Ordering, and many other support systems that an EMR would require to interact with.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS, LIS)

This is a very robust system that can interface with any Lab without altering the backbone much. It's a complete DB Driven architecture using which the physician can decide and choose the Lab in which a particular test can be done. By default, the In-House Lab systems are provided, which can be built from the scratch/customized in a matter of minutes as per the user's requirements. Depending on the location and general preferences, interfacing with many leading labs is possible. The Orders to the outside labs are sent employing many techniques like secure web service, TCP/IP over VPN, SFTP and other methods. Time spent by a user being the major factor in deciding the success or failure of an EMR, this system enables the user to order even up to 10 orders within one to two minutes time.

EMR Alerting System

This system helps in disease management and preventive services. It provides very vital information like patients without an exam for certain time, patient with certain levels BP, patients who are taking a certain class of medication, patients who are suffering from a certain type of disease, screening and immunization information, Lab tests Results, etc. This is a complete DB driven system and user can create any rule that she wants on any of the modules in the EMR and he will be alerted for the same. Rules can be created for various time frames like a certain time period, last visit to the hospital, latest Data available Visit, across all visits. The module is completely dynamic in the sense; each user can have his own rule and his own conditions and can decide if he wants to be alerted for the patient meeting the rule or for not meeting the rule. This is a must for any EMR. We also provided the physicians with reports to find all the patients who are satisfying/not satisfying a given rule.

Evaluation and Management Services (E&M) System, EMR

The system allows documenting the complete service provided by a physician in an encounter with the patient and generates E&M Codes (CPT), which will be filed in the claim process as per the E & M Workgroup's documentation guideline.

EMR - Reporting & Analysis System

This was a very useful system that was built into the EMR application for data analysis and reporting. This system has a intelligent component that allows user to generate reports on the fly. For Example- users can generate reports that list all patients with diabetics, or list out all patients who are currently taking [Ziconotide]. These reports can also be created and saved , so that users don't need to re-create them subsequently, all the need to do is run the saved report.

Appointment Scheduling

A web based software to reduce paper work and pain to front office while scheduling physician's appointment with patient. This software is design by considering various day to day activities involved in the physician's clinic, below are the few list of features which are integrated with this appointment scheduling software.

Document Management System

DMS or the Document Management System is an application developed with the aim of making a Physician's office paperless. The application handles all the fax and scanned documents in specified folders on the client machine. It lets the user group, classify and upload the documents to the server. The uploaded documents can be viewed and/or further action can be performed on them from the web application. DMS is designed to handle documents efficiently and conveniently.

Continuity of Care Record (CCR)

The Continuity of Care Record (CCR) is a core data set of patient health record (PHR) and contains the most relevant administrative, demographic, and clinical information facts about a patient's healthcare, covering one or more healthcare encounters. It provides a means for one healthcare practitioner, system, or setting to aggregate all of the pertinent data about a patient and forward it to another practitioner, system, or setting to support the continuity of care.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (PSQIA) Patient Safety Rule.

ECLAIM (837, 997 and 835)

The application is another step towards making a physician's office paperless along with the ease of filing health care claims electronically. The application is compliant with the data standards set out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and its associated rules.

Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response (270/271)

This application helps the provider to determine whether the information source (payer) has a particular subscriber or dependent on file and the health care eligibility and/or benefit information about that subscriber and/or dependent(s). The application provides the provider with the information at the time the patient checks in and makes the information available instantaneously, which is not possible through other methods like paper and phone.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

The PHR is a computerized application that stores an individual's personal health information. PHR gives an individual the ability to view, edit, update, store and communicate his/her personal health information. The PHR contains data about the allergies, medications, illness including hospitalizations, surgeries/procedures, vaccinations, laboratory test results, family history and social history for an individual. This application is designed with an objective of giving the patient full control to his/her personal health information

Electronic Billing and Claims Management

A web based software for a clinic to get paid for the services they provide and manage their claim with the help of electronic claim submission (837 X12 formats). Below is the list of features which facilitate the clinic to work smoother with patient account.

Interface to Cerner Lab Information System

Implemented 6 modules including a webservice to allow EMR clients to submit patient registrations and lab orders via SOAP/XML and then receive lab results via SOAP/XML. Implemented TCP/IP socket communication with CloverLeaf, the interface to the Cerner lab system. The intermediate modules convert submitted XML to HL7 and vice versa to allow EMR clients to exchange messages with Cerner LIS.

Enabling EMR For CCHIT Certification

CCHIT is THE recognition for Healthcare software products and services.The Certification Commission is a recognized certification body in the US for electronic health records and their networks, and a private, nonprofit initiative. The standards, regulations and the test process is very hard to crack. We expertise in the healthcare vertical helped our client to pass the certification with flying colors. We took up the complete design plan and implementation of each of the criterion set in the certification process.

Practice Management System

Web based practice management system for onsite/offsite Dermatology clinics, developed using HIPPA, X12(837, 997, 835, 270 / 271) standards. The PMS has 3 parts; Patient Registration, Physician Scheduling and Billing.

Application for Dermatology Clinic

We worked with this dermatology specialising clinic to design and build a complete healthcare application, i.e EMR and PMS [Scheduling and Billing].

Disease Information Search

Disease Information Search, is a compilation of information on an existing Filemaker database on genetics and diseases. The tool provides different category of information which it stores and maintains.

Lab Report Automation Software

Analyzed, designed and developed a fully functional website for a Health Lab. The web site helps the LAB to generate Monthly and Daily reports as per its requirements. The web site has basically three modules to deal with the reports. It provides easy to use interface for entering the data and getting them validated. Once the data is entered, reports in the CSV / txt format can be generated and then mailed out to the concerned authorities.

PDF Form Conversion

This application was developed for an organization where referrals and assessments of children with extreme diseases is a primary objective.

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