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Our Approach:

-> Commitment to client partnerships.
-> High offshore ratios.
-> U.S.-based client managers, domain,and technology experts.
-> Portfolio Analysis and Change Management core competencies.

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At MIFI, we have chosen to follow the Microsoft Solution Framework Process Model to support our commitment to reliable, repeatable, customer centric, quality systems The process model is characterized by emphasizing vision/scope rather than requirements, having milestones that are customer driven, rather than development oriented, and using versioned releases rather than including every feature the first time. The process model consists of four phases: Envisioning, Planning, Developing and Stabilization. Each phase culminates in a major milestone:

Envisioning Phase:

The project team is assembled to define the product, and articulate the ultimate goals for the product in a Vision Statement. The Vision Statement provides clear direction for the product. The scope of the product is also defined, providing the limits for a particular version of the product, recognizing that further development may come in future versions. This phase of the project culminates in the Vision/Scope Approved milestone.

Planning Phase:

Planning is when customers and the team agree on what to deliver and how to build it. This is an opportunity to reassess risk, establish priorities, and finalize estimates for schedules and resources. This phase culminates in the Project Plan Approved milestone. The project plan includes the functional specification and a schedule.

Developing Phase:

The approved functional specification and project plan provide the baseline for focused development to begin. The development team sets a number of interim delivery milestones, each of which involves a full test/debug/fix cycle. This phase culminates in the Scope Complete/First Use milestone. At this milestone, customers and the team, assess the product's functionality and verify that rollout and support plans are in place. All new development is complete and deferred functionality is documented for the next release.

Stabilization Phase:

In the Stabilization Phase, the focus of the team changes from creativity and finding elegant development solutions to rigorously and thoroughly testing the operational requirements of the product/system. Testing activities are performed concurrently with code development. Bug finding and fixing becomes the primary focus. The product is formally turned over to the operations and support groups. This phase culminates in the Release milestone.


To provide Clients with Business Solutions,using appropriate Technology and Products, leveraging our comprehensive Automotive Experience."The client industry is characterized by its global presence, complex products, excessive capacity, shrinking margins, intense pricing pressures, and relentless cost reduction initiatives. Against this background, use of Information Technology in the client industry gains greater significance, as IT driven technological innovation provides many new possibilities for optimizing and reshaping business processes.

Why Mifi?

We provide end-to-end processing services, full service portfolio to match all your needs.
Mifi combines innovative global delivery, quality leadership, and robust processes to take the surprise out of projects. Using these, we have set international benchmarks in execution excellence that has translated into measurable results for our customers.

75% faster time-to-market
75% cost savings
75% productivity enhancements

Benefits Beyond the Balance Sheet… To compete in today's economic environment, companies need to do what they are good at doing and not try to do everything. The easiest way of doing this is to partner with a service provider who understands your business and to whom, you can outsource your non-core, yet critical business processes and focus on your core competencies.

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